Turveil West Marches

Kuyuk Character Recap 04/02/2017


Though my mission could not be completed, a new opportunity has arisen to pursue my primary and secondary objectives. I have returned from the surface with new companions. The feline is a capable fighter with claws and quarterstaff and moves extremely quickly, but is easily distracted and forgetful. It seems to dislike me for unknown reasons. The elf uses words and ‘music’ to cast spells and uses a rapier in close combat. It appears to remain unconcerned through most situations. Extended observation of both will be needed to complete personality assessments.

After escaping the drow attackers and becoming separated from the people accompanying the elf, we entered Kuweishi. Neither of my companions spoke Common, so I translated relevant information as necessary. The feline was interested by reports of a missing gnome, but was immediately distracted by mentions of ‘were-rats’. It wished to search for such creatures, and when the elf and I had no objections we began crossing the town to an area where the were-rats were professed to frequent. We passed a area where a gnome was performing with ‘singing’ crystals. The feline was again distracted and interrupted the gnome to ask questions. When the feline invited the crowd onto the stage and became distressed at the crystals’ noise, I returned the group to our original path before an incident could take place.

When we reached an area for traders, we discovered a guard being enveloped by a gelatinous cube. We assisted the other guards in recovering their companion and defeating the cubes. The guard revealed that the cubes were trying to reach a locked door in the area and when questioned, told me about a superior who I could speak to about the situation. While the elf and feline explored the trading area, I made minor repairs and created this log.

Kah'jad Character Recap 04/02/2017

Dear Mother,

It has been a long time since I last wrote you, partly because I believe you wish to not think of me again, and partly for I have no way of being sure you shall get this.

I would like to apologize for leaving home so suddenly, my brothers were planning something against me and I had no intentions to deal with another one of their "games". They always picked on me being the runt of the litter, but I digress.

I have been searching for the hero of old, and when I find him I will bring him home so that he may cure our people. Though I have found myself searching for him in quite peculiar places, for example; did you know that there are whole cities under ground? I stumbled upon one after running from some drow whore sons it is a strange place where everything is my sized, and they have a whole side of town full of wererats. Not to mention there are blue crystals THAT SING. I tried to take one but alas they were too heavy perhaps on my way back I will try again and see if I can save one to send to you.

Before I must depart once again I want you to know even if you and Jah'teil never forgive me for this, I will not rest until I complete the task that my forefathers have failed.

May the seasons be gentle,



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